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Our Mission

our mission

HR Shield provides HR solutions to small and midsize businesses so you can focus on what your company does best.

As a business owner, you need to invest every ounce of physical, mental, and emotional energy you have into staying ahead of the competition and growing your bottom line.


Even with an HR Manager on staff, Human Resources administration and compliance can cripple an organization. The expert team at HR Shield provides the perfect alternative to outsourced HR services.

Our mission is to provide simplified human resources and employee management services and solutions that empower effective and efficient workforce decision making while maintaining compliance.  HR Shield takes pride in its ability to help small businesses reduce costs, minimize risk, and improve their overall employee experience in the workplace.  

In the community

We are proud of our community and we make sure that our appreciation is known.  An important guiding principle of HR Shield is giving back to the community.  We strive to align with business partners and strategic relationships who share and recognize this important element of the business.  


We give back to our community to inspire hope and change. These values we express are driven by years of experience in seeing the importance of bringing the business community together to support local needs through organizations such as the Children Cancer Center, The Charity Polo Classic, Trinity Cafe, and so many others!  If you have a charity that you want to support please let us know! 

Volunteers Packing Food

We Beleive There is Good In The World, Do your part to #BeTheGood in this world.

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