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HR Shield is your human resource management system for everything from human resource policies to paid family leave and workplace safety tips.


As a business owner, you need to make sure you attract and retain the right employees, provide the right compensation, and implementing policies to ensure peak performance while maintain compliance to avoid costly fines and lawsuits. You also need to provide a complete human resource management system including employee handbooks, compliance and more.

HR Shield arms you with all the advice, training, templates and personalized expertise you need to streamline operations, maximize performance and protect your organization.

No matter what the scenario may be we have options for all company sizes.  If you have an existing HR team, we also provide private label services for the extra support that may be required for onboarding a new client.

hr Hotline

Putting the Human back in Human Resources

hr outsourcing

& Technology

Leveraging HRIS and AI technology to simplify processes.

private label

Seamless HR support with your branding and colors. 

HR Shield provides customized solutions to fit your organizations needs.  No company is the same and if you have a specific request please contact us for accomidations.

Have a question? No Problem, Call us at 877-4HR-PROS

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