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HR Hotline

Putting the "Human" Back in Human Resource Management

The HR Hotline is perfect for small, growing, or veteran businesses that require human resource management support. Get immediate phone access to a certified HR Professional 24/7. Utilize our resource library for any form, guide, and material you could need and so much more.  We aim to resolve your questions within 24 hours and provide a call summary for your records. Select the plan that fits your company and get started right away.

Topics Covered

  • State and Federal Labor Laws

  • Harassment and Offensive

  • Managing Contractors 

  • Performance Management

  • Policy and Procedures

  • Attendance, FMLA, Sick Leave

  • Background Checks

  • Cobra, HIPPA, ACA, ERISA

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Discrimination, EEO, ADA

  • Recruiting and Hiring

  • Termination and Expiration

  • Training and Development

  • Workplace Safety

  • Wage, Salary, Equal Pay Act

  • Small Business

    Every month
    • 1-20 Employees
  • Most Popular

    Growing Business

    Every month
    • 21-49 Employees
  • Expanding Business

    Every month
    • 50-100 Employees

 Have an immediate human resources question that requires support? Call the HR-Shield Hotline for on-demand assistance 24/7 from a certified HR professional. We are dedicated to helping our clients. If one of our 3 packages do not fit your situation, contact us at 844-447-7767

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