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Does the idea of a workplace injury, accident or fatality scare you?

Employers have a legal responsibility to protect their employees from a range of dangers and under occupational health and safety legislation, the onus is on employers to carry out due diligence by conducting workplace hazard assessments and implementing effective control measures to remedy any hazards that might have been identified as part of this process.

If you were on the witness stand and the government attorneys are asking you about your safety program, compliance and enforcement, could you answer the following with confidence?

  • Are you familiar with your company’s safety program?

  • Do you discipline employees for not following the rules of your safety program? How can you prove that to us?

  • Do you conduct periodic safety audits to ensure employees are following your safety program and being safe? Why not?

Today I am going to share 4 things that will help you be prepared, stay diligent, and protect your business before tragedy strikes…

Safety Program

This is more than a general safety statement in your employee handbook! Create a separate safety handbook that emphasizes the hazards your employees encounter most often. Make sure the policy is readable, understandable, and accessible to your employees. Get your supervisors on board with fully embracing the policy and its enforcement.