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How to Conduct a Video Job Interview

More and more employers are turning to video job interviews as a means of evaluating prospective employees.

From a bottom-line standpoint, video interviewing can reduce time and costs. It also makes it easier for more individuals to participate in the decision-making process. But with hiring a key component of an organization's success, it is critical for employers choosing to embrace this technology to use it effectively.

Step 1: Get Comfortable With the Technology Ahead of Time

It speaks poorly of the interviewer, and by extension the employer, if he or she is fumbling with a webcam and unsure of how to fix the problem. Just as the employer judges the job applicant during an interview, the applicant is making judgments as well.

The time to troubleshoot issues should be before the interview occurs. This includes ensuring there is a solid connection.

Regarding the internet connection, an Ethernet connection is preferable to Wi-Fi, which has a tendency to drift in and out. A good speaker phone or external microphone connected to the computer is also recommended, along with a webcam.

Step 2: Conduct a Practice Video Interview