Employee Handbooks 101

January 4th, 2012

Does your company have an employee handbook? Is it up to date with the necessary policies and procedures to ensure your employees are following the rules? Is your company compliant within the labor and employment guidelines set by federal, state and local requirements?

Employee handbooks, while sometimes tedious and demanding from an administrative standpoint, should never be put away on the shelf, or only distributed when hiring a new employee. The objective of an employee handbook is to provide all employees, not just new employees, with any and all pertinent information they may need to efficiently and effectively understand and perform their job.employee handbook

Your employee handbook should be updated periodically and include the following and most up to date information pertaining to:

  1. Introduction to the Company/Company Background
  2. Start-up Information for New Employees (How to set up email, use phone system, who to report to, etc)
  3. Contract of Employment
  4. Pay and Promotions
  5. Benefits
  6. Company Policies (Such as family medical leave, equal employment, paid time off, non-discrimination, workers compensation and more)
  7. Disciplinary Codes
  8. Grievance Codes
  9. Employee acknowledgement page

Worried about continuous updates and printing? Information can be provided in a loose leaf binder for easy and cost-effective updates to certain sections, rather than reprinting the entire book each time an edit is made. With electronic copies of employee handbooks, you often cannot predict whether or not the employee will review it on their own—it is best to hand them a hard copy and include an employee acknowledgement page for their signature.

Because our team is well aware that creating, updating and administering an employee handbook is time consuming and takes time away from your important everyday responsibilities and tasks, we have created a customized solution for our clients. Through HR Shield, our members gain immediate access to a licensed HR professional for employee handbook creation or review. In addition, HR forms and templates are readily available to maintain a compliant HR department. For more information, contact a licensed HR professional at HR Shield today. Toll Free: (877) 636-9525.

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